Over the Top Streaming Adaptive System (AMD)

We have integrated a solution that seeks to eliminate mainly downtime and cuts during video playback. These downtimes are due to decreases in network throughput between the client and the server.

Our job was therefore to avoid having these periods of inactivity at the reception by using adaptation techniques of the video broadcast (Adaptive Media Delivery). This guarantees the reception of streams even during periods when Internet connectivity becomes difficult (low speed, latency, interference, jitter, …).

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Our servers are hosted in 07 data centers around the world, including the core installed in Morocco, affirming the presence of our services in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East. These strategic locations ensure security, redundancy and ongoing connectivity for our subscribers.

We use dedicated servers with huge processing and storage capacity, providing stream stability, fast channel zapping, fluidity, high quality, high bandwidth and minimum latency.

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We provide Online Customer Service


24h/7 Support Service

OTT Premium offers an online support service available 24/7. We do our best to answer any request as soon as possible.

Maintenance and Updates

We perform regular maintenance work on our network without affecting the operation of the services. New channels, Filmes and Series are regularly added in the bouquets.

Speed ​​of flow and Security

The OTT/IPTV stream subscriptions is broadcast from servers that use powerful encryption systems to ensure stable uninterrupted connectivity.

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